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Holina is a

holistic healing center for spiritual growth

We understand the nature of addiction.

After working with many addicts and addictions for years, we have come to develop unique method that combines eastern and western attitudes into comprehensive way of life.

to solve a spiritual problem, you need a spiritual solution. In Holina-Center, we have created the perfect environment for your soul to heal, expand and develop. The new approach is an ongoing method commended by the media, researches and the costumers themselves.

  • NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – pseudoscientific approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy designed specially to renew and restoration ways of thinking, feeling and acting.
  • Mindfulness – mindfulness is a meditation based on many evidences, successfully used for dealing with anxiety, depression, CPTSD and other emotional health disorders mostly occur with addiction.
  • CBT/ DBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is providing personalised approach directed to every person needs specifically.

12 steps – A practical guide to meaningful life through applying spiritual tools in every action through the day

For us, the addiction is the most powerful key for growth in all essence:

Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, social, functional, economic and creative.

Successful treatment does not end when you stop using drugs. It’s a whole new way of life, a journey to yourself.

And we’re here to string along with you.

That’s why we, on Holina Center, believe that you are here for a reason.

We have variety of practical tools to make your most forgotten dreams – come true. Deep within the wild view of the tropical area of Thailand, surrounded by love, care and tenderness, we listen to your pace and we are here to provide you peace of mind:

beautiful grounds in Coppangen, facilities were placed at the highest level.  privacy and peace for the entire recovery period, fully equipped suites as needed, a warm pool in every room, expansive ocean and horizon views, self-catering spaces including relaxation areas, meditation and yoga, complexes and personal or group tasks, a spa complex. Dedicated and highly experienced professionals who have been carefully selected.

Our recovery plans show that peace of mind, personal rhythm, full listening and support, informing countries, and patient care given to each other – these are the ones that turn private victory into a life-changing experience. We are here for you.

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