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Behavioural Addictions


Your true self is calling you,
Ask you to develop and expanse yourself,
Achieve your most hidden dreams
And flourish to new heights of spirit and new depths of love.

“Addiction” is a familiar concept to many: Many people know addictions like drugs, alcohol, food, and pills. But only few know that certain behaviours can be just as addictive as substance can. What do we mean when we say addictive behaviours?Gambling addiction

  • Sex addiction
  • Internet addiction
  • Addiction to shopping
  • Addiction to relationships
  • Debt addiction
  • Addiction to work

Those addictive behaviours can lead an addict to ruin his all life to the routs. Those addiction lead ultimately to devastating consequences that include debt, prisons, hospitalization, dysfunction, illness and inability to lead a life. Whatever the face and expression of the addiction, it can bring about the complete destruction of the addict and those close to him.

if you:

  • use gambling sites, not able to stop
  • Find yourself betraying, although you don’t really mean to do it
  • Enter porn sites even though you decided to quit
  • spending hours online aimlessly
  • Buying products out of control
  • Losing control of your life because of relationships
  • always in debts
  • Losing friends and family because of work around the clock

It’s time to ask yourself: Are you addicted?

And always comes as a surprise. This realization that you cannot exist without your drug – be it the drink, the pill or the powder. It runs your life, your love, your career and your life choices.
It makes you neglect the most important things: family, relationships, work, your body and most importantly – yourself.
If you’ve been running for years in search of satisfaction and you’ve found yourself losing everything you loved,
If you see your love ones destroying themselves while searching of an answer,
If you didn’t mean to, but life made you lose control –
That’s the time to heal.


Holina was established after many years of efforts to create a recovery center that provides a holistic response to human needs. We invite you to be part of the journey of the rejuvenation of mind, soul and spirit: a creative and productive part that nourishes itself in the endless journey of life.

At the most exotic point in the world, in a place chosen after deep thinking and within deep appreciation for spiritual development, Holina is the perfect experience to start your life anew. Holina offers a five-star spiritual center, in the heart of the wild, virgin nature, without affections of civilization.

You wake up in the morning and bathing in the private swimming pool, letting your thoughts fly slowly and preparing yourself to a new day, for a life where there is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Sunset in shades of blue – bluish is reaping another successful day.
With Holina’s experienced instructor team, you relax in the private seating area and give yourself the time to recreate yourself.

“Life” is not just a physical existence; you know it for a long time. Too many years of pursuit of elusive gratification have not resulted in the desired place. This is exactly what got us invested in Holina:
We are here to support you in your self-discovery journey, whether you want to deepen your yoga practice or purify and purify your body.
Our beautiful beachfront cafe will welcome you with plenty of vegan dishes and high-quality fine dining.
Join us in this peaceful paradise.
We are waiting for you.

Addiction is an emerging chronic disease. This means that as a result of the addictive behaviour, there is a Degeneration, shift in the function of the brain’s reward center: each time the addict takes the addictive action, the brain reward center gets reinforced and tends to repeat the same action. With the time passes, the pleasure derived from the activity decreases as the dependency – increases.

  • Sex addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Internet addiction
  • Food addiction

Behavioural addiction is treated differently than the way in which substance addiction is treated. This is because in many cases, the boundaries between “being high” and “Abstention” are extremely blurred and it is difficult to decide where to settle a boundary. Moreover, total abstinence is often impossible. For example, in cases of addiction to food, spending money, using sex, the Internet, etc.

For this reason, it is important to adapt the nature of the treatment to the unique characteristics of the problem. To date, most rehab programs are tailored to substance addiction. The treatment of addictive behaviours requires smarter thinking and more sophisticated strategies, since the use of addictive behaviour often begins a lot before the addictive behaviour itself.

The treatment of behavioural addiction-based treatment tailored to the addict’s needs and includes personal conversations, mindfulness, CBT, gymnastics, yoga, quiet time, creation of various kinds and more.

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