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Holina’s Continuing treatment

real home

The real home is the one that in our heart. It is where you feel whole, belonging and connected.
Holina is home for many who remain with us for the ongoing process of development, creation and empowerment.
Many customers arrive with a specific aim: they want to stop suffer.
But what many do not know is that when suffering is over, only then the true path of flourishing and prosperity begins

The Holina Recovery Center offers a unique holistic combination of a Western approach and an Eastern approach: The Western perspective provides a focused on the problem, while the Eastern approach applies a broader worldview that addresses all aspects of personality.

Evidence from recovery centers around the world shows that ongoing treatments ensure a high quality of life and more tools for coping. Furthermore, continuity processes allow a person to develop additional aspects of his or her personality. These parties can only develop in a beneficial, investing, nurturing and loving environment.

offers secondary  care and continuing support to those who have completed the initial phase of care
This is your opportunity to apply the spiritual assets you have built with your own hands, step by step, in the previous stages of treatment.

addiction is not created out from nothing. Addiction clogs an existing need for human development. That deep place is a passage, a pipe, a key to new way for flowering and growth, expansion and diversity of the personality. When a person ceases to consume his or her drug, it remains the same cavity. In many detox institutions there is a routine of Compressed schedule including multiple activities and function tirelessly. While this is essential, for itself, it does not constitute a substitute for true mental and spiritual recovery. Therefore, a continuing therapeutic phase is essential as it is an important transition stage in healing and creating a new life.

involved life in the community while maintaining a relatively sheltered environment before returning to the “real world”. The treatment program includes a combination of mental support, social activities and self-care.

as responsible citizens while maintaining their new ‘clean’ status in a relatively protected environment before returning to the ‘real world’. The weekly program is a mix of ongoing therapy support, volunteer work and social activities:

– Skills Groups – DBT / CBT / NLP / Mindfulness

-Group therapy

– Individual counselling.

– Family work.

– Presence of a 12-step meeting (required).

– afternoon activities.

– Regular drug and alcohol testing.

– Learning to develop structure and planning.

– Peripheral treatments – Post-trauma treatment, other addictions and spousal therapy

At the end of the process, there is a regular ritual to strengthen the participants:

  • Skype groups all year long
  • Peripheral and personal support from anywhere in the world
  • Regular monthly tracking and ongoing calls
  • Direct contact with the Holina’s family member team
  • Open house

Also, patients who have been in rehab institutions and feel the need to strengthen the foundations are invited to join Holina and develop important tools to continue. If this sounds like what you are looking for, feel free to contact us by leaving details or dialling.

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