Why Kupangan? – הולינה

Why Ko phangan?

Ko phangan?

“Holina” is a center for recovery and personal empowerment based on a unique holistic concept that combines western and eastern perceptions into a rich and enveloping therapeutic model.

In Holina, the individual is seen as a whole, a complete self on its own, a wonderful and unique creation.

Unfortunately, over the years, the wounds and experiences, the old contexts and the familiar places – have all created within us internal conditions that are deeply ingrained in us. Despite the Security and comfort that these conditions provide us, in some cases they hinder us from discovering the true value inherent in us.

addiction is not made out of nothing: it is the result of an internal wound

And what does a wound need to heal?  let’s see:
Clinical and supportive environment. And that’s exactly what we do at Holina

he perfect calm for your recovery


nutritional dishes for the mind and spirit

peace of mind in the morning

Quiet time for meditation

This is what brought us to choose Ko Pangen (Ko Pha Ngan) – the place called “the land of the good life.”

No anxieties, hassles and fears, no past “friends”, and a little time out of the comfort zone of family. Tensions, unresolved conflicts and unprocessed emotions are serious mines of your recovery. Slowly, as the old familiar places recede, a new way is emerging. This is the way to the true self, the one that can flourish out of the layers and masks that drops slowly.

Infront of Ko Pangen’s landscapes, you can enjoy deep peace of mind and true connecting potential through a physical, mental and spiritual process that takes a few steps beyond rehab itself.

In the early days of rehab, along the first steps towards your new life, we are here for you. those moments, in which the old world is undermining and losing grip while the world you are going to is unknown and frightening, we at Holina  provide to you the most pampering conditions so you will be able to devote yourself to the inner process and the important spiritual work.

Advanced facilities and luxurious equipment in all areas of the center create a perfect environment where you can give your body the necessary relaxation. Comfort provides deep peace so needed to connect to the deep inner process. When the landscape is wild and virgin, the soul awakens to a spiritual process and the mind begins to develop a high awareness of health and healing

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